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Innovative Business Cultures

since 2011

Understand us

We want to enable truly good business.

We believe that in today‘s world this requires a new way of collaboration and creation.


Therefore, we develop business formats which make innovator‘s habits and practices part of our customers‘ DNA.


They come in the form of workshops, key notes and executive sparring -

impactful, experience-based and highly interactive.


By this, we lay the foundation for transforming an idea into tangible business results.


Nobody can force innovation.

We guide you in your pursuit how to create an environment for innovation to emerge and manifest itself.

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Innovative business culture

You have developed something new, 

be it a business strategy, organizational structure, service model, career goal...


...for a lasting business impact.


... and now you ask yourself, how to  bring it to life, encourage others to own it, communicate it, make it tangible...

Innovators habis

Invention is coming up with new things. 

Innovation is really doing them.

Use us

We always start with the business case and underlying drivers like culture and behaviours.

Only afterwards we select the suitable approach and format.


We do not focus on just one specific method as we believe different business goals require different approaches.


This leading question serves all necessary clarity and associated behaviors:

'What should become possible as a result of it?'


Everything you engage in needs to follow a focused purpose:

Pursuing your future identity and value-addition. 

Interactive workshops
Impactful sparks like keynots & sessions

Interactive! Workshops

It is all about maximizing  opportunities for real business impact. Choose from our existing concepts or ask us to tailor a workshop to your specific business context.

Impactful Sparks

We've created so-called 'sparks' to get you and your audience into thinking and feeling. Lively deep dives into progressive topics. Imagine impactful keynotes and sessions with interactive elements.

Executive sparring, coaching & mentoring

Executive Sparring

We serve as a trusted, resourceful sparring partner for individuals and small groups who really want to change their business for the better and are aiming for true impact.



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