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Integrate impact circles into the way you facilitate change & innovation.


The setup logic is consistent...

All impact circles follow a shared framework logic independent of whether they are online or offline. The default format is related to an analogy in sports.


Circuit Training  - similar features:


  • VARIETY: there are multiple prepared stations or spots for various exercises

  • TIME INVEST: single-focus exercises only require few minutes of activity

  • ENERGY: completing a round is immersive and provides a sense of accomplishment

  • PROGRESS: there are multiple levels dedicated to universally relevant aspects

  • HANDS-ON: neuro-sensory warmups & cooldowns add a physical element to the otherwise mental & conversational focus

Certainly, other analogies could be applied such as the hero's journey, personality type grids and other suitable patterns.

... and uses recurring features


Each circle focuses on a future-facing topic.


You can either choose from already created circles or have us adapt them to your needs. For a new topic, we'll create a new circle.

Topic types can be clustered as follows:

  • Subject-matter
    (i.e. electric drive)

  • Methodology or Approach
    (i.e. transformation)

  • Role-specific
    (i.e. grooming high potentials)


Each circle has multiple levels - each with the following universally relevant consideration filters:

  • Basics

  • Perspectives

  • Sustainability

  • Quality Interactions

  • Effectiveness

While these filters have proven to be useful for most topics and use cases, the could certainly be changed with another crescendo sequence.


Each level has a limited number of exercises -each with the following universally relevant practice types:

  • knowledge

  • topical wording

  • ranking & positioning

  • conversation starters

  • behavior tracking

  • insight sharing

  • ...


Each circle has 2 rounds - the second building on the essence of the first. 

  • Round 1 - getting involved

  • Round 2 - taking it further


For warmup and cooldown in between levels, rounds and sometimes even exercises, each circle offers short, simple and yet effective repetitive tasks that help with:

  • energizing

  • brainstorming

  • reflecting

  • focusing

  • broadening vision

  • rejuvenating

  • calming

  • ...

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